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Manufactured in Canada 

Healthy K9 Original Beef Dog Chews are digestible chews for healthy

teeth and gums. 30 minutes of chewing action activates the enzymes in saliva to break down the bacteria in the mouth which results in improved oral health.


Healthy K9 Original Beef Dog Chews provide a healthy and enjoyable pastime for your dogs natural chewing habits and also helps relieve

boredom anxiety and frustration.


Healthy K9 Original Beef Dog Chews are 100% natural North American beef containing no preservatives, chemicals or additives. They are virtually fat free, a good source of protein and highly digestible.


We have available 4" and 6" chews suitable for small breeds, 10" and 13" for larger breeds and 11" veal for puppies

and older dogs who need a softer chew. 

And for those that have been extra good and deserve a little something special, we have beef jerky and liver treats.